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Pathology of the Week – Croup

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medicalese: Scotch physician Dr. Francis Home first referred to croup in 1765; probably derived from the anglo-saxon word “kropan” (to cry).

Croup is a common and relatively benign condition in children. It is caused by an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract secondary to viral infection. It occurs almost exclusively in children, aged 6mo to 3y. The disease is more common in boys than girls (about 1.4:1). I will reference the Merck page on Croup, a few subscription-based articles (i.e. Bjornson et al., 2008) as well as a great free public access article by Malhotra & Krilov, 2001.

Signs and Symptoms

The hallmark symptoms of croup are a distinct “bark-like” cough and inspiratory stridor.

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