Anatomy / Assess. Resources

Assortment of useful goodies for anatomy and physiology as well as general clinical assessment.

  • The Gray’s Anatomy images, online. There is something unique about these 150 year old images that makes them so helpful in illustrating anatomy. One might be tempted to attribute their popularity to nostalgia, enjoying their hand drawn antiquity. I would argue this is not the case. The two Henry’s produced a text that is objectively stronger at illustrating human anatomy. I carry a pocket version of the text with me. This site contains over 1,200 images from the 20th edition (US and UK version numbers were the same for this ed) published in 1918.
  • The Auscultation Assistant. Produced by Dr. Chris Cable this website contains information and, more importantly, recordings of various heart sounds as if you were auscultating a patient’s chest wall. Included are normal heart sounds as well as murmurs and gallops. Also see Blaufuss Media’s tutorial.
  • Dr. Goodman’s video lectures. These are 45-min video lectures broken into 5 sections that discuss the anatomy and physiology of most major organ systems in the body. Dr. Goodman does an excellent job explaining the terms and the quality of the production is, albeit dated, great. Included are the heart (anatomy) (physiology), the great vessels (anatomy) (physiology), the lungs (anatomy) (physiology) the autonomic nervous system, the immune system, GI tract and the endocrine system … just to name a few.
  • Capnography for Paramedics. This introduction to end tidal CO2 monitoring (the term comes from the Greek word Kapnos, “Smoke”)  for the prehospital care provider was written by NE Paramedic Peter Canning. Very good read, and check out the references at the bottom.
  • Visible Body 3D. Although I focus on providing links that are free this resource deserves mentioning. This web-based program has no downloadable software and separates an illustrated female body into 11 systems. Although this in itself is not notable, the power of the program is. Each body part can be searched, zoomed in on and isolate. A 5-month subscription is $17.95 USD although a free 7-day trial is available.
  • Full dissection video series. These 27 videos average about 14 min each and document a complete bodily dissection performed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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