Academic Policy

The information on this site is to be used as a casual reference only. None of this information should ever be considered above local protocols and operating procedures. Never perform treatments or manoeuvres outside your certified scope of practice. Any procedural/treatment recommendations posted on this site will, regardless of level of care, reflect empirical peer-reviewed resources in accordance with the principles of evidence based medicine.

I, the Beaver Medic, pledge to:

  • Write nothing that could be interpreted as factual assertions without providing references
  • Endeavour to provide free public access references whenever the option is available
  • Provide links to free abstracts to empirical peer-reviewed journal articles which are not public access
  • Use 6th edition (2010) APA guidelines for the above
  • Give credit (cite) every source I do consult
  • Disclose no individual patient data
  • Correct any errors indicated to me or of which I later discover

I am currently in the process of obtaining Healthcare Blogger code of ethics accreditation.


All content posted to is the legally held property of the author, who writes under the name Beaver Medic, and all copyrights, whether expressed or implied, are reserved by the author. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of the author, whose contact information is published on this site, is prohibited.

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