Quote of the Week – April 26th

What looks like a first degree burn today can look like a third degree burn tomorrow.

This burn injury quote came from a great July, 2008 podcast by Dr. Jeffrey Guy. The recording is from a presentation Dr. Guy did at the 2008 Baltimore JEMS conference. It is the most informative podcast on burns I have listened to and one of the most listenable, and tidbit-laden, medical-genre podcasts I have heard to date. Very worth a listen.

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2 Responses to “Quote of the Week – April 26th”

  1. I agree about Dr. Guy’s PHTLS Podcasts, tons of great information. The burns & smoke inhalation lectures are ones I can listen to over and over again and still pick up new things.

    Great blog

  2. […] burn injury quote is the second from a great July, 2008 podcast by Dr. Jeffrey Guy. The first quote, posted the week of April 26th, was that what may present initially as a first degree burn today […]

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