Quote of the Week – April 19

To identify a possible fractured pelvis, place a fist between the patient’s knees and ask the patient to squeeze your fist. The patient will be able to do this without pain if the pelvic girdle is intact, but if there is a fracture anywhere, they will be unable to squeeze your fist without pain. If I get a positive result, I treat the patient as if they have a fractured pelvis without further testing. If I get a negative result, I do the standard pressing down and rocking the pelvis to determine stability.

This week’s quote of the week is an assessment tip from Dan Limmer, Joe Mistovich and Will frost of EMS Magazine. It was featured in a February, 2010 article posted on EMS responder.com. The article contains numerous ingenious tips for improving our patient assessment. I found this tip on assessing the status of our patient’s pelvic region for fracture especially insightful.

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