Free Stuff – Wolfram Alpha

You know, I really sympathize with the Ted Kaczynski types. Technology has become the scourge of our earth. We would all be well advised to abandon our computers and smart phones to make retreat to the bush. Instead of blogging we can concern ourselves with matters of consequence, like food or not having antibiotics.

Have you heard of Wolfram Alpha? Regardless of its mathematical ability I enjoy the site just by attempting to stump it. Check out this introductory video narrated by the site’s director Steven Wolfram.

Wolfram Alpha is a simple interface website that performs powerful mathematical calculations based on either your input or the massive database of information it is connected to. Want to know whether a certain country is actually more obese than another “cough cough hint”? Just type in the two names and obesity levels. Wolfram Alpha produces statistics, if available by year, as well as graphs. Type in various foods and Wolfram will produce the nutritional labels as well as any other statistical data available.

Need to refer to something you found on Wolfram? Just click export to PDF. Or better yet drag a module directly onto whatever document you are editing. Check out Wolfram at There is some area of your life that requires extensive data access.


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