Day One

The requisite first post.

For those of you linked from my Facebook page this blog will serve as an extension of the The Wild West Adventure Blog I published. The focus of that blog was to document my farcical transition from business guy to fire service/coal miner guy. I wanted to keep in touch with the Ontarioans and found a surprising interest in my nomadic transgressions and so I kept the focus of the Wild West blog to mainly autobiographical topics. Any topics including a high level of shop-talk and esoteric jargon I usually reserved for wing night at the Lamp.

I am though, or have become, a keener. A Fire Service and EMS/OFA (Occupational First Aid) nerd. I have read the IFSTA, the Jone’s and Bartlett Fire Service text and both 3″ EMP-III binders from cover to cover. I manage to get in four to five peer-reviewed Journal articles a week and have dived head-long into preparatory study of Anatomy and Physiology. The problem is since moving back to Ontario I have lost my outlet! People here look at you funny when you point out the person with jaundice or follow fire trucks around. Similarly I understand not why people get mad when you symptom-mine their sickness bitching and snort when it is anything beyond your BLS capabilities.

And so, fellow Fire Service, Medic/EMS and Mine Rescue geeks we shall discuss our plight here away from the bored rolling eyes of our friends. I have spoken to quite a few of you friends who have expressed an interest in this little slice of life and learned an immense amount in less than three years. To accommodate the diverse backgrounds of all four of you I will follow the APA guidelines and introduce each acronym first, utilize more common terms whenever possible, etc. I will also stay true to my Psychology reference or suffer the hammer education and include references wherever possible.

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